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Chapka travel Insurance


You’ve spent significant funds to register your university in the USA, Canada, Australia or maybe China !

What would happen if you were seriously ill during your studies abroad? What about your investment if you were to be repatriated? 

Unfortunately nobody would refund any money. 

The good news is that the "Interruption of Studies" option will allow you to recover the amounts retained by the university or school abroad, including some accomodation fees !

The “Interruption of Studies" option offers you a refund up to € 15,000, but it is restricted to these 3 events : 


  • in case of a 30 days hospitalization ;
  • in case of medical repatriation in your country of origin ;
  • in case of an early return in your home country because a death of a relative.


It does NOT work if you no longer want to go to school (lazy you !)

The price :  2% of the studies and accomodation fees (amount to declare upon subscription) with a minimum of € 40.00.


This answer only relates to: Cap Student.