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How can I pay for my insurance?

We have chosen the easy solution: payment is done online by credit card, just like any other online store; the payment is secured.

Once the payment done, you will instantly receive all the documents pertaining to your insurance by email.

It’s simple, fast and efficient!



In case you cannot pay by credit card, you can pay by personal cheque, but it takes longer and is not as practical (especially for you…)

  • On our website, select the insurance that suits you
  • Get an online quote, fill out the fields, and stop just before the payment
  • Send us the quote by email (there is a field dedicated to that on our website)
  • Post the following documents to Chapka Assurances – 31-35 rue de la fédération - 75015 Paris:
    • A cheque payable to Chapka Assurances
    • The quote you received by email


Upon receipt of these documents, we will key in the details of you policy and send all your documents by email.



Please note: Payment in three instalments is only available for the Cap Working Holiday, Cap Student, Cap Tempo Expat and Cap Volunteering policies, where the price is higher than €150.

It will attract a 1.5% surcharge on the price of your insurance policy.


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