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Chapka travel Insurance


It is the most important benefit of your working holiday visa insurance contract. 

It covers any accident or serious illness as well as simple doctor’s appointment in case of sudden and unforeseeable sickness or accident.

There is no maximum limitation to the medical care benefit and no deductible.

This contract intervenes from the first euro: you are fully refunded!

What is covered:

Small medical expenses:

The medical expenses concern consultations, pharmacy purchases so long as they are prescribed by a general practitioner, medical analysis as well as any hospitalization below 24h. Keep in mind that generally speaking travel insurance contracts cover the following medical costs that happen during the stay:

  • Any expense related to sudden and unexpected diseases such as: flu, otitis, bronchitis, urinary infection or bug bites…
  • Expenses related to an accident for example: fractures, cuts, burns... 

Emergency dental care:

  • Dental costs are covered as part of the « emergency dental care » benefit with a maximum limit of 500€ for the length of the contract

Physiotherapy further to an accident:

  • Physiotherapy sessions following an accident are covered at 75% of real costs and for 10 sessions. 

What is not covered*:

*and by our competitors either

  • Pre-existing diseases already known before the trip and which are not stabilized. 
  • Prevention or comfort medicine For instance: check-up visit, vaccines, dental scaling, contraception, screening tests...
  • Glasses and contact lenses (except in case of bodily accident)
  • Orthodontics
  • Small pains : sunburns, pimples…
  • Back ache
  • Chiropractor
  • Doctor’s appointments without pathology
  • Dermatological care

There are exclusions to the medical care expenses that we invite you to consult in the general terms and conditions of the contract.

For example, the practice of sports as a competitor or the use of drugs.

This answer only relates to: Cap Working Holiday.