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What is the Cap Assistance early return benefit?

We will take charge of your return flight ticket to your home country in case of:

  • An unexpected hospitalization longer than 72 hours, of a relative, of the person filling in for you in your job, of the person minding your children
  • Death of a relative, a professional alternate designate or the person babysitting your children.
  • Heavy material damage to your home
  • Natural disaster within your holiday resort
  • Terrorist attack within a radius of 100 km from your holiday resort

By relative, we mean your marriage partner, your common low partner, ascendant or descendent relatives, brothers or sisters as well as your father in law or mother in law.

Be aware that you will have to contact the assistance platform by phone, in order to obtain their approval, and enable the guarantee. 


This answer only relates to : Cap Assistance 24/7.
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