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What does the Cap Assistance medical expenses benefit cover?

Frais médicaux.pngThis is the most important benefit of your Cap Assistance insurance policy. It covers accidents, sudden and unforeseen illnesses as well a relapses of pre-existing conditions. The insurance cover medical consultations, medications, nursing care, medical and surgical hospitalisation, and in general, any other medical or surgical procedure linked to the pathology.

Beware: the insurance does not cover non consolidated illnesses, that is you book your trip and take up travel insurance less than a month after leaving hospital.

What is not covered:

  • pre-existing conditions who started within 6 month of the trip departure date
  • preventive medicine and comfort care
  • Examples: medical check-up, vaccination, tooth polishing, acne, psoriasis, warts… - Glasses or contact lenses - Orthodontics, prosthetics - Plastic surgery and treatments
  • AIDS test
  • Non-urgent medical cares that can wait until your home country return
  • Physiotherapist, Chiropractor and Rehabilitation cares
  • Medical cares linked to the use of an engine superior to 125cm3
  • Costs paid without the agreement of the assistance platform


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