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Chapka travel Insurance

You will get a refund from the insurer if your luggage is lost or damaged by the carrier or stolen during your trip or due to a deterioration following a catastrophic event (such as fire, flood, collapse or act of terrorism).
In case of theft, you must report it to the police.

Theft is not covered in the following situations:

  • Theft of luggage or personal objects left unsupervised in a public places or stored in a shared area used by various people or in accommodation places
  • Theft of any instrument for reproducing sound and/or image and accessories of such instruments that are not due to a physical assault or a burglary.
  • When jewelries are not placed into a locked safe
  • Theft that are not due by a physical assault or a burglary
  • Theft perpetrated in a convertible car, station-wagons or any other vehicle without a car trunk.

The objects designated below are not covered by this benefit:

Any prosthesis or aid of any kind, bicycles, trailers, securities, paintings, spectacles, contact lenses, keys of all kinds, documents recorded on tapes or films, as well as professional equipment, mobile phones, smartphones, Compact Discs, DVD’s, GPS’s, Drones, sports articles, musical instruments, foodstuffs, lighters, pens, cigarettes, alcohols, works of art, beauty products and photographic films and every object bought during your trip.

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