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Chapka travel Insurance

Credit card insurance (even Gold cards) offers very limited benefits.

This means medical expenses are not covered from the first Euro and there an automatic €75 excess.

Medical consultations are not refunded and the refund process is long and fastidious.

There are also many exclusions when it comes to practicing sport, and search and rescue expenses are excluded. The limit on medical expenses is also capped at €11,000 (it only pays for one day in intensive care in a New York hospital).

Beware, very important: With Gold credit cards, the benefits are limited to the spouse, de facto partner and parents/children living under the same roof. Therefore, if you travel with friends, please note that you will not be covered as only the cardholder is considered as the insured.

Finally: Cap Assistance covers your luggage for the duration of the trip, while credit cards only cover during transport and never for the duration of the trip (the maximum amount is also capped at €800)


This answer only relates to: Cap Assistance 24/7.