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Chapka travel Insurance


Beware, not all credit card insurances are the same. Indeed, some cards, such as a standard Visa card does not include cancellation benefits.

With Gold Mastercard and Premier Visa, you benefit from a cancellation insurance, but it is very limited. You are only covered in case of illness, if you get fired or if your leave has been cancelled. So, if your visa is not granted, if you lose your passport or if there is terrorist attack in your destination country, you will not be covered! If one of your nephews is admitted to hospital, if your business appointment is cancelled, if your pet is injured, you will not be covered by your credit card.

All these scenarios are covered by the option cancellation “any case except” of Cap Assistance insurance and not by the credit cards, regardless of how golden they are…

Very important: With Gold credit cards, the benefits are limited to the spouse, de facto partner and parents/children living under the same roof. Therefore, if you travel with friends, please note that you will not be covered as only the cardholder is considered as the insured.