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Why subscribe to a cancellation insurance?

The Cap Assistance insurance allows you to book your trip with peace of mind and be covered in case you need to cancel before the departure, thanks to the cancellation option. It is a matter of covering a financial risk.

When you purchase a holiday, the tour operator (travel agent, online travel agent, airline company…) charges fees for changing or cancelling your ticket as soon as your reservation is confirmed and definite. Thus, once you have made payment, the service provider can charge you fees up to 100% of the amount of your holiday should you request a change or a cancellation.

In this instance, you lose the whole amount you have paid and do not go on holidays! In order to avoid this sort of situation, it is in your best interest to subscribe to a cancellation insurance. That way, in case of an illness or accident, or for any other reason covered by your insurance policy, you will get a refund for the fees charged by the tour operator.

Protect your holiday budget efficiently!


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