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Can I subscribe from overseas?

Yes, you can subscribe to your insurance policy from overseas directly on our website and pay with a foreign credit card.

You will instantly receive all the information by email: policy, assistance card, insurance certificate.

Beware in case of subscrition when you are already abroad, a waiting period applies (except if you renew your policy when there is no gap in cover):


You subscribe for the first time when you are already abroad:


Did you forget to subscribe an insurance before travelling? You can subscribe if you are already abroad, but in this case a 12-day waiting period applies.



You renew your contract when you are abroad and there is any gap in cover:

bad.pngWe send you two emails before the end of contract for you to not forget to renew. Anyway, if you forget and there is a gap between the end of one contract and the beginning of the new one, a 12-day waiting period applies.


This answer only concerns : Cap Working Holiday, Cap Student, Cap Volunteering, Cap Adventure.
If you have any questions about a different contract : Contact us .

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