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Chapka travel Insurance


Insurance premium are usually non-refundable.

However, if you still benefit from at least 90 days of cover and you have not incurred any expenses during your trip (any claimable loss), we can refund the insurance premium of the unused months on a pro rata basis.

You must have returned to your main country of residence and email us within the next 5 days following your return – passing that date, your date of request will be considered as the termination date of your insurance.

You have to make a written request (by email it's ok).

Send us:

  • Copy of you return ticket
  • Copy from the page of your passeport with the Custom stamp

If the month has already begun, it will be non-refundable.

30 euros of management costs will apply.

Contact us by email info@chapka.fr. Don't forget to indicate your membership number (6 numbers)


This answer only relates to: Cap Adventure.