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Chapka travel Insurance

Which sports are covered with the Cap Adventure?

You are covered when you practice any sport as an amateur, for medical expenses and repatriation assistance.

Scuba diving: you are covered when you practice scuba diving to a depth for which you hold the relevant qualification. The limited depth is 40 metres

Good news, kite surfing and surfing are covered!

Trekking is also covered, as long as you are on tracks (even in the Himalayas up to 5,000 + meters) and that you do not use mountain climbing equipment, or are not on a glacier.

(Small) motorbikes also: you are covered if you use a two or three wheel motor vehicle, up to 125cm3. And it does not attract any surcharge.

Beware, you are not covered for the following activities:

  • Airsports, motor sports, ski jumping, mountain climbing, rock climbing, caving, base jumping, speed riding, motocross, skateboarding, extreme skying, martial arts
  • Practicing sport in an official competition (leading to a regional, national or international ranking)
  • Trying to beat a record!

For futher information, please check the terms and conditions or contact our costumer service. 


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