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Chapka travel Insurance


If I have an accident or fall ill overseas, who looks after the medical expenses? This is a question worth asking as it varies depending on the type of insurance:

For trips shorter than 90 days:

Insurance companies only intervene as a complement to social security or private health fund cover. You must get a refund for your medical expenses by social security/or your private health insurance. The insurance company will then step in to cover the expenses not covered by those organisations. Where the social security and private health fund do not cover the medical expenses you have incurred, the insurance company will refund you up the capped amount stipulated in the policy schedule. On occasion, it is possible to get a cash advance (or direct payment) from the insurance company, so you can pay the expenses when hospitalised.

For trips longer than 90 days:

For trips longer than 90 days, the travel insurance policies take care of the medical expenses from the first Euro. In this instance, the insurance company takes care of the bill, without having to go through social security (within the benefit capped amount stipulated in your policy)