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Chapka travel Insurance

For a hospitalisation of less than 24 hours:

To obtain the reimbursement of your medical expenses, you must contact the assistance centre before any expense and obtain their prior agreement. The assistance centre can be contacted 7 days a week and 24 hours a day on +33 5 18 27 01 33.

Then, when you go to the emergency room, you pay your bills.

The assistance platform will provide you the list of documents necessary for your refund in the event of a medical consultation or hospitalisation of less than 24 hours. These documents should be sent to ops@vyv-ia.com 

Depending on your situation, you will have to send:

o The medical report

o Original and detailed medical bills with proof of payment

o Medical prescriptions

o Paid pharmacy invoice

o Copy of your visa (only for the first claim)

o Copy of your identity card or passport

o Your bank details (only for the first claim)

o Police report in case of accident

o A report from the hospital in case of hospitalisation and/or visit to the emergency room (indicating the reason of your visit, the current and future treatment)


For a hospitalisation of more than 24 hours:

You must contact the assistance centre as soon as possible (or any other person accompanying you).

The assistance centre will contact the hospital where you are admitted and you will benefit from direct payment without having to advance payment.

If you are unconscious upon arriving at the hospital, you should contact the assistance centre as soon as you are able to do so, to inform them of your situation.

Make sure you provide the following information:

o Your policy number, which can be found on the special conditions of your insurance contract

o Your location

o The telephone number where the company can reach you

This answer only relates to: Cap Espace Schengen, Cap Schengen, Cap Europa.