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Chapka travel Insurance

You are covered when you practice any sport as an amateur, for these following activities :


-   Scuba diving (down to 40 meters)

-  Trekking (up to 4000 meters on marked paths, without professional equipment such as ropes, crampons…)

-   Motorcycle: up to 125 cm3, mandatory helmet, appropriate license, and rental agreement

-   Surfing

-   Kitesurfing

-   Skiing

-   Road Cycling

-   Running 



What covers do you have for theses sports ?

-   Repatriation assistance

-   Medical expenses

-   Hospitalisation costs



The excluded sports are:

-   Motor and aerial sports, ski jumping, mountaineering, parachuting, speed riding…

-   Sport in official competitions (leading to regional, national or international rankings) or during training for competitions

-   Record attempts


Please refer to the exclusions in the policy general terms and conditions.



This answer only relates to: Cap Student, Cap Working Holiday, Cap Tempo Expat, Cap Volunteering.