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Chapka travel Insurance

This is the most important benefit of your contract. It covers hospitalization costs due to an accident or to a serious illness while being abroad (for example, appendicitis, fractures…) as well as medical visits (for example if you have a flu, food poisoning…).

The maximum coverage (all medical expenses included) is €1 500 000 with no deductible.


What is covered:

Keep in mind that travel insurances cover the medical expenses due to:

  • Unpredictable and sudden illnesses. For example: a flu, a sore ear, a bronchitis, bladder infection or even a bug bite.
  • Accidents: fractures, cuts, burns…

Therefore, we cover urgent and essential medical expenses.

Emergency dental care is covered up to €600 per person and per year.


What is not covered *:

*And with our competitors either

  • Any unstable preexisting condition, already established before the subscription date
  • Pregnancy already known before the effective date of the contract and abortions (except if medically necessary)
  • Spa treatments, examinations and routine checkups, or preventive tests and treatments, contraception
  • Back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, parietal, intervertebral ligament, scrotal inguinal and umbilical white line.
  • Nervous or mental illnesses that required a less than 3 consecutive day hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation, osteopathy, chiropractic and physical therapy (unless prescribed as a consequence of a covered illness or accident)

This answer only relates to: Cap Working Holiday France.