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Chapka travel Insurance

This is the most important benefit of your Cap Assistance insurance policy. It covers accidents, sudden and unforeseen illnesses.


The insurance cover medical consultations, medications, nursing care, medical and surgical hospitalisation, and in general, any other medical or surgical procedure linked to the pathology.


You must contact the assistance team, which can be contacted 7/7 and 24/24, before any expense is made in order to obtain their prior agreement.


What is not covered:

  • pre-existing conditions unless an unpredictable complication
  • preventive medicine and comfort care/ Examples: medical check-up, vaccination, tooth polishing, acne, psoriasis, warts…
  • Plastic surgery and treatments
  • Non-urgent medical cares that can wait until your home country return
  • Compensation arising from pregnancy not attributable to pregnancy complications
  • Costs of dental treatment as the fitting of dentures or artificial teeth 
  • Costs paid without the agreement of the assistance platform

This answer only relates to: Cap Assistance 24/7.