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Chapka travel Insurance

The luggage cover insures you up to €1,500 per insured and €10,000 per event in the event of:

  • Burglary or assault during your stay (robbery, threat with a knife, snatching, etc.)
  • Loss of or damage to your checked-in luggage by the airline

In case of theft: you must file a complaint with the local police within 48 hours, as you would have done in France. The complaint must indicate the exact circumstances of the theft and the stolen goods. Only those items declared and included in the complaint will be compensated.


In case of loss or damage by the airline while the luggage is checked in: you must file a claim with the carrier within 24 hours. In this case, we intervene in addition to the airline: consult the terms and conditions of coverage.


Please note: it is important to understand that luggage insurance does not cover everything, including lost luggage or broken equipment. 

Example 1: I forget my bag on the train, it is not covered 

Example 2: I dropped my camera, it is not covered 

Note that this is not covered by our competitors either! 

Keep in mind that your luggage should always be under your direct supervision.

This answer only relates to: Cap Group.