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Chapka travel Insurance



Usually, cancellation insurance never covers cancellations due to the travel agency or carrier. They only cover if the cancellation comes from the insured.

With the option, you will also be reimbursed for costs incurred if your trip is cancelled by the tour operator or carrier.

Of course, the event that caused the cancellation must be unforeseeable, external, irresistible and beyond the control of the tour operator or the carrier.



Usually travel insurance never covers the financial consequences of the airline or travel agency changing the return date of your trip. This is because they are normally responsible for reimbursing you for additional hotel costs except in the following cases of force majeure: fire, flood, earthquake, explosion due to a natural event, tsunami, landslide, avalanche, cyclone, storm, tornado, and volcanic activity, quarantine or lockdown at destination.


If you are unable to return on the planned date due to a change in date by the travel agency or airline (as a result of the events listed above), we will reimburse you for the additional hotel and meal costs, up to a limit of €10,000 per event.


For these 2 extensions there are nevertheless exclusions which are for example:

·        War, riots and strikes

·        Financial insolvency of the travel agency or carrier.

·        Events known at the time of purchasing the insurance (e.g. a known pandemic)

See all exclusions, coverage, limitations and upper limits in the general terms and conditions file)

This answer only relates to: Cap Group.