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What is the departure date ?
What is the return date ? Maximum duration : 12 months
E.g. : from 7 sep 2008 to 7 September 2009= 12 months and 1 day
What is your country of residence ?
What is your destination ?
I am a European Health Insurance Card holder and I travel to Europe
If you are going to Europe (see the eligible countries) and hold a European Health Insurance Card, you will get a 25% discount.

By ticking "yes" the reimbursements will only be made in addition to social security
If you are a student in your country of origin, indicate the institution (optional)
Are you travelling on a J1 or Q1 visa (USA only) ?
Allows subscriptions up to 18 months. USA only.
What is the purpose of your trip ?
Name of the school, university or company abroad If it's an internship abroad, add the name of the company
Would you like the option "interruption of studies" ?
Cover for your study fees in case of repatriation ou early return.
If you have a discount code, enter it here

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