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CAP Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellation insurance : get refund in case of accident, illness...

You’re about to book your holiday, short break or air ticket with a travel company.

You’d like to protect your “holiday budget” if you’re forced to cancel prior to departure due to circumstances beyond your control. Cap Annulation (known as “all reasons” insurance) will refund the cancellation charges retained by the travel organiser (agency, carrier, hirer) for “all valid reasons”.

This insurance covers the refund of cancellation charges for any valid, sudden, unforeseeable event beyond your control.

Because you can’t foresee everything before you set off, and because your credit card (even Gold!) won’t cover you against cancellation, take out Cap Annulation


    We’ll refund cancellation charges for all valid reasons. Here are a few examples of the commonest reasons:

  • Illness, accident, death of the insured party or a member of his family (including the re-occurrence or aggravation of a chronic or pre-existing illness)
  • Pregnancy complication or pregnancy not known about when the trip was booked (and precluding travel)
  • Redundancy of the insured party or his spouse.
  • Loss of papers 48 hours prior to departure (15 € excess)
  • Change or cancellation of holiday leave on the part of the employer (15 € excess)
  • Your family pet is hospitalised,
  • You have a tax inspection

  • With “all valid reasons” cancellation insurance you’re covered:

  • If you cancel due to a valid external, sudden, unforeseeable event beyond your control
  • If your doctor states that it is impossible for you to take part in the activities planned as part of the trip~


Price of the trip per person Premium incl VAT
From €0 to €300 €13
From €301 to €600 €20
From €601 to €900 €25
From €901 to €1.300 €35
From €1.301 to €1.600€40
From €1.601 to €2.500€50
From €2.501 to €3.500€65
From €3.501 to €4.500€85
From €4.501 to €6.000€100
From €6.001 to €8.000€140

    Family rate : -15% (minimum 4 people, parents, dependent children, grandparents, grandchildren, great-grandparents and stepfamilies)

Booking conditions

  • You must take out this cover when you book your trip or prior to the start of the cancellation penalty deadlines shown in the travel organiser’s general conditions

  • This contract covers only those services purchased from a tourist professional (tour operator, travel agency, airline, hotel, etc.) and in no circumstances from a private individual

  • N.B. only unforeseeable events are covered. For example, you may not take out this insurance cover if you have been in hospital over the previous weeks
  • You must be resident in Europe (EEC, Switzerland, Norway or Monaco)
  • Cancellation cover may not exceed €8.000 per person
  • Cancellation cover ceases on the day of your departure
  • Airport taxes are not refunded (the airline is duty bound to refund you these taxes) ~

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