Chapka supports the NGO Travel With A Mission

Chapka supports Travel With a Mission

Love at first sight! «Travel with a mission» TWAM is an innovative and positive project which attracts more and more travelers willing to make their trip meaningful.

The idea is simple: you want to share your knowledge, experiences or special skills with locals during your trip; TWAM allows you to connect with associations, schools and organizations which appreciate your presence and who are willing to host you.

We have been captivated by this project and the tenacity of its founder. That is the reason why we decided to support TWAM.

We tell you more about TWAM’s history and the association’s concept.

TWAM's history

The idea first came up when TWAM’s founder, Ludovic Hubler traveled the world by hitchhiking. He used to visit schools to ask if he could exchange with the kids about ecology, travelling, western culture…

He realized that his own experience could be interesting to share with many other travelers, schools and associations. The difficult thing was bringing them together. After a lot of hard work and perseverance, he finally launches TWAM in 2013!

TWAM’s project

TWAM is an NGO promoting education access for all and intercultural exchange all over the world.

TWAMING: a new committed way of travelling

«TWAM is a different and unique concept, making yourself useful while travelling. For the time being we are the only one to offer it»

Two players takes part in TWAM: twamers and twamhosts.

Who are the Twamers?

Travelers who wish to share knowledge, skills or experience. Their profile is diverse: for example, two women firefighters travelling the world by bike and stopping in different schools to show the kids first aid techniques or someone travelling for two weeks in Laos and who wants to spend two days in a local school to meet the kids and teach them his mother tongue.

Who are the Twamhosts?

People wishing to offer a public to the Twamers. Their profile is also very diverse: a teacher from Peru, a director of an association in Cambodia…

What kind of missions could you participate in?

Whether you would like to offer 3 months or 3 hours of your time, all kinds of missions are offered! The objective consists in creating a cross-cultural understanding and exchange.

TWAM's Platform

The platform is absolutely free: it is the most essential feature of the concept in order to make it accessible to everyone.

How does it work?

It’s similar to couchsurfing. The user just needs to create a Twamer or Twamhost profile (or both) and then get in touch with another user in order to organizing an exchange.

Chapka is committed to helping TWAM develop a new version of their website and to facilitating their social impact. We believe in this project that brings help to the local populations while providing new travelling experiences and opportunities.