Cap Student's benefits to go study in the USA or in Canada

What insurance should I get to study in USA and Canada?

Are you going to the USA or Canada to study or for an internship?
In North America, you will not have access to social security and medical expenses are incredibly high. It cost about $100 for a common cold andmore than $10,000 for an appendicitis. Travel insurance is therefore not optional! 

For peace of mind, Chapka Assurances, the insurance specialist in covering young people overseas for more than 10 years, will offer an unlimited cover, at 100% of real costs, with no excess in case of a sudden and unforeseeable illness.

For example: A sprained ankle in New York costs you $250, Chapka refunds $250: cost to you: €0!

On top of it, Chapka Assurances is the only one to offer a policy adapted to the most prestigious American universities.

If need be, we can also help you fill out the waiver form to decline the health insurance offered by the American university!

Main benefits of Cap Student:

  • Unlimited medical and hospitalisation expenses, no excess, no waiting time and from the 1st Euro
  • Repatriation assistance 24/7 in real cost
  • Overseas civil liability
  • Rental risk benefit
  • Luggage insurance
  • Early return, presence of a close relative in case of hospitalisation, accident benefit, cover in France if you come back for a holiday for less than 30 days…

Subscribe online without filling out a medical questionnaire: you will receive your policy as well as your insurance certificate instantly in English and by email.

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Any questions? Check out our answers in the overseas student insurance FAQ section.


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