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What kind of travel insurance should you choose for a trip to the USA?


Whether you go to North America for a holiday or to study, travel insurance is essential. Indeed, medical expenses in the USA and Canada are nothing like what you know in France. A day in hospital can cost you $10,000. It’s a risk not to be taken lightly and you must absolutely choose the best cover.

Chapka, specialist in travel insurance for more than twelve years offers you a tailor made cover to suits all your needs. Most of our policies include a cover specific to the USA and Canada.

For this destination, we have implemented a medical expenses cover in the amount of €500,000 minimum. That may seem like a lot, but as an expert on the matter, we greatly recommend a €500,000 minimum cover for medical expenses for your trips to North America.


The ESTA, an essential document for travelling to the United States


Travellers going to the United States as tourists for less than 90 days or for a connecting flight must obtain the ESTA, an electronic travel authorisation. For more information, see our blog. Holders of student or work visas are exempt.



What kind of health insurance should you choose for a holiday in the USA?


Our health insurance for travel to the USA includes specific cover. For this destination, we have implemented a much higher level of cover for medical fees. This may seem like a lot to you, but as a specialist in this field, we strongly recommend a high limit for medical fees.



Select the insurance for the USA that suits your trip in one click and apply directly online.



The 8 pillars of our travel insurance:



COVID-19 cover



Specific guarantees that cover you against COVID-19 before or during your trip. 

24-hour assistance


Get assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Reimbursement for medical fees


Enjoy extensive cover for your medical fees during your trip to Australia.

 High-risk sport cover


Surfing and scuba diving are insured.

 Repatriation and early return


Your return home is 100% covered in the event of hospitalisation or death of a family member.

 Luggage insurance


Cover your luggage against theft or loss with the insurance included in our policies.

 Civil liability


Cover for unintentional bodily injury or property damage towards third parties.

 Cancellation option


Get a refund for your trip to Australia if you have to cancel it.


What kind of travel insurance should you choose as a foreign student in the USA?

For studies or an internship in the USA, don't hesitate to check out our Cap Student package, which covers unlimited medical fees and is accepted by the most prestigious American universities.



What kind of travel insurance should you choose as an expat in the USA?

Cap Tempo Expat is the right insurance for you: your medical fees are covered from the 1st euro, with no limit and no excess. You benefit from solid guarantees which are essential for an easy move to the USA.



Got questions? Our advisors are at your disposal! Simply dial +33 (0)1 74 85 50 50 or fill in the dedicated form. We’d be happy to explain to you what you’re covered for and, more importantly, what you’re not!