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What kind of travel insurance should you choose for a trip to Costa Rica?


As a pioneer in eco-tourism with a quarter of its territory protected as parks or nature reserves, Costa Rica is a dream come true. Despite the coronavirus crisis, Costa Rica is open to European travellers. Travelling to Costa Rica safely is as easy as 1-2-3! Here is our advice to make sure you have a great trip.


Do I need travel insurance to travel to Costa Rica?

The Costa Rican authorities have required travellers to carry a travel insurance certificate since the health crisis. This insurance certificate must explicitly state:



The 8 pillars of our travel insurance:



COVID-19 cover



Specific guarantees that cover you against COVID-19 before or during your trip. 

24-hour assistance


Get assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Reimbursement for medical fees


Enjoy extensive cover for your medical fees during your trip to Australia.

 High-risk sport cover


Surfing and scuba diving are insured.

 Repatriation and early return


Your return home is 100% covered in the event of hospitalisation or death of a family member.

 Luggage insurance


Cover your luggage against theft or loss with the insurance included in our policies.

 Civil liability


Cover for unintentional bodily injury or property damage towards third parties.

 Cancellation option


Get a refund for your trip to Australia if you have to cancel it.


What kind of travel insurance should you choose for a holiday in Costa Rica?

We recommend our Cap Assistance policy, which meets Costa Rica's specific requirements for trips less than 90 days. Our main guarantees:


Once you’ve signed up, you’ll automatically receive your insurance certificate by email in French, English and Spanish. It is stated on your insurance certificate that the Cap Assistance policy covers the reimbursement of healthcare fees in the event you contract COVID-19 and the payment of accommodation fees in the event of quarantine in Costa Rica.


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