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Chapka travel Insurance

"Notify" and "Quote" API - Read this first!


Quick overview

Should you start offering an optional insurance with your trip, you'll be facing two steps/issues:


First: at some point, you will need to propose the insurance, and for this you'll wonder "what's the price?".

Here, you have two options:


Second : when the booking has been finalized, we need to receive, as soon as possible, the characteristics of the insurance you just sold.

Here again twi options:


How long does it take?

If you are a developper, this will certainly be pretty straight foward, even if you've never work with HTTP/REST API before. A week is probably a good time scale.

If you are using a commercial software, then you might request the provider to implement this for you ; this will cost you some money probably. No much as the developpement is in fact rather simple.


What do I need before I start?

The API will request some authentication:

Also, depending on the insurance product(s) you are implementing (for QUOTE as well as NOTIFY), we will provide you with a set of parameters to provide, like departure date, return date, destination, ...


Help! I need someone...

Should you need help, contact us:


+33 1 74 85 50 50 (ask for IT team)


Let's go!

Now, you may get started.