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"Notify" API - Read this first!


What is "NOTIFY" ?

Let's say you are a travel agent, offering our insurance coverages along with your trips.

Every time you sell an insurance, we must receive a notification, as soon as possible.

"NOTIFY" is the protocol you will use it to inform us.

The goal is to make the notification automatic.


Should I use it ?

If you are a developer and have full control over your system: it is probably fast and easy to implement this notification.

If you rely on a commercial software or a company that maintains your system: this is not so easy and it might cost you a couple extra €...

In this case, you might want to consider using an existing module on your platform, like a request builder that produces a CSV file with the latest insurance sales, along with main trip characteristics. There are chances the process will be partly manual: contact us to study the possible file formats.


How long will it take me to implement "NOTIFY" ?

If you make a request to your database, produce a CSV file, upload it periodically to our server: this is usually a pretty quick dev, maybe a day or two.

If you are ready to consider "Http/Rest", even for a beginner, this should not take you more than 5 days, including tests.


What are my specific parameters ?

When you are ready to implement the API, we will give you a couple parameters, specific to you:

1/ the sender's name

As you'll see below, it goes into the parameter "SENDER" (or "EMETTEUR").

It will be something like your company or brand name. 

2/ the SHA1 key (or login+password)

Also, for security reasons, you will need to sign your messages with a secret key; it is a character string.

Alternatively, should you choose FTP or SFTP to drop your messages, we will give you a login and password to our server.

3/ the product(s) pricing and parameters

Depending on the insurance product you will distribute, you will need:

Some common products are described at the end of this document. Should you distribute a specific product, we will provide you the relevant details.


Help! I need someone...

Should you need to clarify something, ring/email us:


+33 1 74 85 50 50 (ask for the IT team)


Let's go!

Now, you may start reading the API manual.