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How many people need to be insured ? (from 10 to 120) The minimum number of travelers is 10 (same departure and return date, same destination)
What is the total amount of your trip ? EUR Ex : If 10 persons have paid € 500 each, please indicate € 5,000.
Warning: the amount per person cannot exceed € 6,000.
What is the departure date ? Departure date
What is the return date ? Arrival date at the home country.
(pay attention to the time difference)
What is your country of origin ? This is also your usual residence country
What is your destination ?
Which option do you choose ?
Multirisk : includes cancellation, luggage, interruption of stay, civil liability, assistance, ...
Assistance+Insurance : Multirisk, without the cancellation cover.
I am aware that in order to choose the annulation cover, I must subscribe before or the same day of the trip payment.  
For a different situation please contact us.
Do you wish the "impossible outward and homeward journey" option ?
You will be reimbursed of the expenses incurred in case you are unable to make the homeward journey due to a natural disaster.
Do you wish the "garanted prices" option
You will be reimbursed of the additional costs resulting from an increase in the cost of the price of the trip due to a higher fuel prices, and/or from an increase in the cost of currencies.
Do you wish the "cancellation in case in case of a terrorist attack/banning" option ?
With this option you can cancel your trip in case of riot terrorism attack or if any official authority bans travel.

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