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20 €

Cap Assistance Visa

The insurance for the issuance of your travel visa

Getting your visa for a foreign country usually requires a medical insurance, in order to cover for medical expenses, hospitalization or repatriation for the duration of stay.

You are looking for the best match, in terms of guarantees, price but especially the perfect acceptance of this insurance by the authorities of the country you about to visit. Insurances distributed by Chapka meet all specific requirements of consulates, whether a business or tourist visa, including for Cuba, Russia, China, ...

These requirements are changing and we adapt, in real time, our product as well as the certificate delivered uppon subscription, in order to avoid any refusal. We are in constant connection with consulates and visa issuing agencies.


  • Chapka sends you instantly by email your the insurance certificate.
  • " Verify Me " : consulates or visa issuing agencies can monitor in real time the authenticity of the insurance certificate.


  • Should the consulate require an orginal certificate, please ask for it, we will mail it to you.

  • This insurance is valid for the duration of the stay, up to 365 days!

    Chapka's advice:

  • Be cautious when applying for your visa: visa category (tourist / work), validity of your passport, required invitation letter, work certificate, ...
  • Important: the name of the insured must be strictly the same as stated on his passport (it sounds obvious but we see refusals for non-concordant names, espacially for long names ...).
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    • Medical expenses abroad (surgical, pharmaceutical, and hospitalization) : €90,000 per person, capped at €400,000 per event
    • Repatriation or medical transport : Actual Costs
    • Accompaniment during the repatriation or transport: Ticket
    • Presence in the event of hospitalization:Ticket
    • Extended hotel stay: Hotel expenses of €50 per day, for a maximum of 5 days
    • Emergency dental treatment: €150
    • Transport of the body in the event of death :Actual Costs
    • Funeral expenses necessary for transporting the body : €1 000
    • Early return: Ticket
    • Payment of search or rescue expenses: €2,000 per person, €4,000 per event
    • Sending out medicines abroad: Shipment expenses
    • Advance of funds abroad: €1,500
    • Legal assistance abroad: Payment of fees: €1,000 Advance of bail bond: €5,000 ~


      Insurance premium - tax inclusive - per person and in Euros

    Length of the say
    From 1 to 7 days € 21
    From 8 to 15 days € 37
    From 16 to 30 days € 52
    From 31 to 45 days € 74
    From 46 to 90 days € 104
    Up to 6 months € 156
    Up to 1 year € 209

    Booking conditions

    • No age’s limit
    • Worldwide validity
    • Be resident in the European Economic Area~