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Cap Cancellation

Trip Cancellation Insurance : Get A Refund In Case of Accident, Illness...

You’re about to book your holidays and you’d like to protect your “holiday budget” if you’re forced to cancel prior departure due to any circumstances beyond your control.

Our cancellation insurance refund the cancellation charges retained by the travel organiser (agency, airline, carrier, hirer) for all justified and proved reasons.

This travel cancellation insurance covers the refund of cancellation charges for any proved, sudden and unforeseeable event ocurred beyond your control.

Because you can’t foresee everything before your trip, keep calm and get our cancellation insurance!

The benefits

    Thanks to the cancellation insurance you benefit from a 8 000 € cover per person and 40 000 € per event:

  • If you cancel due to a proved, external, sudden and unforeseeable event beyond your control
  • If a doctor states that it is impossible for you to take part in the activities planned as part of the trip

  • We’ll refund cancellation charges for all valid and proved reasons. For example:

  • Illness, accident, death of the insured or of a member of his family (including the re-occurrence or aggravation of a chronic or pre-existing illness)
  • Pregnancy complication or when the pregnancy wasn't known when booking the trip and also the doctor recommends not to travel
  • Redundancy of the insured or his/her partner
  • Steal of your ID documents 48 hours prior to departure
  • Change or cancellation of holiday by the employer

  • Option: cancellation in case of riot terrorism act or attack occurred within 30km of your holiday destination and within the 30 days before your trip. This option is very specific, check our explanation

  • For every cancellation reason a different excess applies: please check the terms and conditions.

The pricing

Amount of your trip Premium per person (tax inclusive)
From 0 to €300 €16
From 301 to €600 €19
From 601 to €900 €27
From 901 to €1300 €40
From 1301 to €1600 €55
From 1601 to €2500 €72
From 2501 to €3500 €104
From 3501 to €4500 €143
From 4501 to €6000 €189
From 6000 to €8000 €247

    Terrorism attack (option): 19 € per person

The subscribing conditions

  • You must get your insurance at the same time that you book your trip or within 48 hours later.

  • This insurance only covers the services purchased from a tourist professional (tour operator, travel agency, airline, hotel, etc.)

  • Age max: 75 years old
  • You must be resident of the European Union or of Switzerland, Norway, Monaco, Liechtenstein.

  • Only unforeseeable events are covered. For example, you may not take out this insurance if you have been hospitalised the previous weeks before departure.
  • Cancellation cover ceases on the day of your departure
  • Airport taxes are not refunded (the airline is duty bound to refund these taxes) ~

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