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€ 35
per month

Cap Europa

The Long Stay Travel Insurance from Overseas to Europe

You wish to come in France or in Europe for an extended stay (between 3 and 12 months), a temporary expatriation?

Whatever the reason of your trip and your age (business, family visit, tourism), this long stay insurance is the best fit for your trip in France or in Europe for a maximal duration of one year.

Cap Europa offers you essentials and vitals guaranties as the supported of your medicals expenses until €70,000 or the repatriation assistance 24/7. And for less than one euro per day!

This extended stay insurance contract has been designed to perfectly answer to European and French Consulates’ requirements.

You receive immediately your attestation by mail for the embassy



  • Assistance-repatriation 24/7: Actual costs
  • Medical expenses and hospitalization: € 70,000 max
  • Civil Liability: € 4,500,000
  • Visit of a relative in case of hospitalization: Ticket
  • Early return in case of death or hospitalization of a relative: Ticket
  • Repatriation in case death: Actual costs
  • Criminal bail advance: € 7,500
  • Lawyer expenses: € 1,500~


Country of origin Zone 1 Zone 2
3 months €110 €120
4 months €130 €152
5 months €159 €185
6 months €199 €229
7 months €248 €278
8 months €284 €316
9 months €320 €355
10 months €355 €390
11 months €380 €417
12 months €420 €458

  • Zone 1 Europe and Maghreb
  • Zone 2 Rest of the World
  • 100% increase applied above 80 years old

Booking conditions

  • All nationalities can subscribe (2 prices according to your permanent living country)
  • Maximal cover is 12 months

  • You don’t really know dates of your trip? You can changes dates of the insurance contract until the day before your departure by emailing or calling Chapka Assurances team.

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