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23 €
per pax

Cap Explorer

The comprehensive insurance solution made to travel serenely

You have purchased a tailor-made trip to one or several destinations and you have customised your itinerary with a specialized or local agency. Cap Explorer is the travel insurance for you. Pick up the option that suits you best :
  • Explorer'Multirisk : Includes all the benefits in order to provide you with maximum coverage before, during and after your trip. Before departure with the cancellation for all justified reasons and sudden events (undeclared strikes, airspace closure, cancelled flights, terrorist attacks, natural disaster, epidemics) and the inability to depart. You will also benefit from a comprehensive repatriation assistance and will be covered for inpatient and outpatient cares during your stay.

  • Explorer’Cancellation: The necessary benefits to insure your travel budget before departure : all justified causes cancelation and sudden event, impossible departure and missed flight.

  • Explorer'Assistance: All the Multirisk benefits without the “cancellation benefits”, in order to be fully covered during your trip.


    Explorer'Cancellation :

  • Cancellation travel insurance before departure for all justified reasons and sudden events: €10,000 per person.
  • Trip Interruption : €7,000
  • Inabilty to depart, missed departure, flight delay
  • Explorer'Assistance and Explorer'Multirisk:

  • New : teleconsultation available 24/7
  • Cancellation travel insurance before departure for all justified reasons and sudden events: €10,000 per person.
  • Beware the cancellation benefit is not included in the Explorer Assistance package.

  • Overseas medical expenses: up to €300,000
  • Early return : Transportation ticket
  • Visit of a relative in case of hospitalization : Roundtrip ticket and hotel costs maximum €1.000
  • Advance of bail bond : €15,245
  • Coverage of legal fees : €3,000
  • Search and rescue expenses: €4,600
  • Luggage insurance: €2,000
  • Stay curtailment expenses: 7,000€
  • Civil liability: €4,500,000
  • Civil liability for sports and leisure: €150,000
  • Death and full permanent disability: €20,000~


    Rates are calculated per person and depending on the price of your trip (plane tickets and hotel for example)

    Beware: for the following destinations USA, CANADA, HONG-KONG, SINGAPOUR and JAPAN, the premium will be increased by 10% for the EXPLORER MULTIRISK option.

Explorer'Cancellation, Explorer'Multirisk :
Price of your trip Cancellation Multirisk
0 to €300 €23 €52
301 to €600 €31 €58
601 to €900 €37 €65
901 à €1,300 €44 €79
1,301 to €1,600€58 €90
1,601 to €2,500€73 €100
2,501 to €3,500 €104 €121
3,501 to €4,500 €126 €147
4,501 to € 6,000 €168 €189
6,001 to €8,000 €209 €226
8,001 to €10,000 €241 €272

Explorer'Assistance : check the prices

Group 10 people and more :check the prices

    «Tribe» offer: for family or friend trips (from 3 to 9 people within the same contract) a 15% reduction applies (except Assistance option).

Booking conditions

  • It is mandatory to subscribe before or within the 48 hours following the first payment confirmation, except for the Explorer'Assistance formula that you can suscribe until the day before your departure.
  • Being a resident of France,French overseas departments and territories,any of the 27 European Union countries, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Monaco or Andorra included.
  • Maximum length of the trip: 60 days
  • No age limit~