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Cap Assistance 24/7

The Assistance-Insurance for Trips up to 90 Days Anywhere in the World

It is the complete assistance and repatriation insurance for overseas trip of less than 90 days. Cap Assistance 24/7 is for everyone: explorers, backpackers, holidaymakers and skilled workers.

Chapka Assistance platform will talk to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week should a problem arise when you are far away from home: luggage, medical expenses, repatriation, loss of identification documents, need for a replacement driver, refund for a trip cut short… A simple call and our assistance platform will organise to help or refund you.

If you wish to benefit from a cancellation insurance in addition to the assistance service, you can select the “all reasons” cancellation option.
Warning : You can suscribe to the cancellation option only if you’ve booked your trip less than 48 hours ago

Do you need an insurance subscription certificate? Once you have joined online, we will automatically send you the certificate by email.

Travelling to Russia, China or Algeria? The embassy requires the original certificate? We send it to you directly by email within a few hours.


The benefits

  • Repatriation-assistance 24/24: Real costs
  • Medical expenses and hospitalisation:

  • Area 1: € 75,000
    Europe and Mediterranean Countries (excluding DROM-TOM, the Canary Islands, the Azores, and the Asian part of Russia)

    Area 2: € 200,000
    Worldwide except area 3 and 4

    Area 3: € 300,000
    Wordwide including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Brazil and Switzerland, excluding USA, Canada.

    Area 4: € 500,000
    Wordwide including the United States of America and Canada.

  • Early return of the insured
  • Search and rescue expenses: €4,500
  • Advance on bail: €15,000
  • Legal expenses: €3,000
  • Luggage insurance: covers the flight / damage for the duration of the trip up to €3,000
  • Civil liability: €4,5M
  • Accident benefit: Individual assistance in the event of death: €10,000 and in the event of disability: €50,000
  • Holiday early termination insurance: refund of the unused ground services following your early return

  • “All reasons” cancellation insurance option : €8,000 max per person subject to a deductible

The pricing

    Insurance premium - tax inclusive - per person and in Euros

Area 1 - Medical Expenses € 75,000 : check the prices

Area 2 - Medical Expenses € 200,000 : check the prices

Area 3 - Medical Expenses € 300,000 : check the prices
Wordwide including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Brazil and Switzerland, excluding USA, Canada
Length of the stay Insurance premium
From 1 to 8 days € 31
From 9 to 16 days € 61
From 17 to 24 days € 80
From 25 to 32 days € 115
From 33 to 61 days € 160
From 62 to 90 days € 208

Area 4 - Medical Expenses € 500,000 : check the prices

Minimum premium
Cancellation 2,4 % of the price of the trip 14 € per person

  • Europe = the 27 countries of the European Union and Israel, Marocco, Tunisia##
  • 15% discount if you travel with a kid (min. 2 insured including a kid under 18 y.o.) or your family/tribe (from 3 to 9 insured)
  • Surcharge of 15% if you are older than 65 years old

The subscribing conditions

  • The maximum duration of the coverage is 90 days, you can only subscribe from your home-country where you must benefit from a social security scheme.
  • Being in good health at the time of subscription and not having been hospitalised in the 6 months preceding the departure date.
  • Being European or Swiss resident.
  • From 1 to 80 years old.

  • Cancellation option: you can choose this option within 48 hours after booking your trip
  • Warning : subcriptions made less than 10 days before departure will not be accepted
  • Without cancellation option: you can subscribe until the day before departure

  • For groups of more than 10 people, please check Cap Group insurance.


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