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Cap Adventure

Globetrotter and Backpacker Travel Insurance Plan

When you are travelling around the world, or taking a trip for a long relaxing holiday (for at least 3 months), even a minor accident or sickness can be a major expense and inconvenience.

Cap Adventure was specially designed and tailor made to cover backpackers and Globe-Trotters all over the world. Your medical expenses will be covered entirely (100%). From the 1st Euro for all trips of more than three months.

You will also be covered for repatriation assistance with a 24/7 emergency hotline and many other benefits such as overseas third party liability.

Chapka’s Exclusive: Emergency dental care cost and many extremes sports (including diving) are covered.

Practical : You can report any incident online and send the invoices by email.

Examples of covered incidents:

  • You suffer from a high fever in Indonesia. You urgently immediately go to a physician and spend three days at the International Hospital of Jakarta. The total cost of the medical fees is US$1,800.
    You pay = €0,00

  • You accidently broke a femur while walking on a track in Chile: the total cost of the local ground ambulance for your medical treatment at the Santiago hospital and the repatriation to your home in France have increased your medical charges to €16,000.
    You pay= €0,00

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    • New : teleconsultation available 24/7
    • Repatriation assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in real costs
    • Overseas medical expenses: up to €200,000, no excess Check this information about the medical expenses
    • Medical expenses in the USA and Canada: up to €1,000,000 with a €35 excess
    • Early return of the insured: Round Trip ticket
    • Luggage insurance: €2,000 during transport and for the duration of your trip in case of theft (breaking and entering, robbery or violence) Check this information about the luggage cover
    • Civil liability (personal): €4,500,000
    • Daily allowance in case of hospitalisation : €30
    • Death benefit: €12,000
    • Disability benefit: €50,000
    • Search and rescue expenses: €3,500
    • Legal assistance: €13,000
    • Psychological assistance: 3 calls
    • Medical Coverage in your home country when you come back for 30 days or less~


    Price depends on the destination and the length :

    Worldwide excluding USA/Canada : check the prices
    Length / age 1 to 35 36 to 49 50 to 64 65 to 69 70 to 79
    3 months€162€195€270€363€498
    4 months€212€256€356€480€ 660
    5 months€260€315€440€595€820
    6 months€312€378€528€714€984
    7 months€364€441€616€833€1148
    8 months€408€496€696€944€1304
    9 months€450€549€774€1053€1458
    10 months€490€600€850€1160€1610
    11 months€528€649€924€1265€1760
    12 months€576€708€1008€1380€1920

    Worldwide including USA/Canada : find out more

    Europe (E.U.): check the prices

      If you suit to one of the following situations, you can benefit from a discount:

    • Couple (married, civil partner) : -5%
    • Family : -15%

    • This discount applies automatically when subscribing online.

    Booking conditions

    • Be resident in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, Andorra, the Principality of Monaco, DROM, New Caledonia and French Polynesia. Residents from Switzerland have to consult specific general terms and conditions
    • Travel for a minimum of 3 months and up to 24 months
    • Travel exclusively for tourism purposes
    • Be 1 year old minimum and 79 years old maximum and be in good health
    • This travel insurance can be subscribed at any time, even when you are abroad

    • Regarding subscriptions when you are abroad and your trip has already started :

    • A 12 day waiting period applies (except in case of insurance renewal prior to termination date)
    • The maximum time of coverage cannot exceed 24 months from your departure

    • This policy is not suitable to work visa holders overseas :

    • If you work overseas, please refer to our Cap Tempo Expat policy
    • If you work within a working holiday visa program : subscribe to Cap Working Holiday ~