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Cap Group

The Insurance for Group Travel: 10 People or More

You are an organisation, a group of friends, a group of students, a large family and you decide to go and travel as a group.

Everything is organised but there is still the question of travel insurance for each traveller. Do they want the cancellation insurance? Do they already have repatriation assistance in case of an accident while overseas? What would happen should the group be involved in a serious accident? As the organiser, would I be liable?

Chapka Assurances created, along with its assistance and international insurance partners, a complete group travel insurance policy: the comprehensive CAP Group. This group travel medical insurance offers much better benefits than those included in the credit card travel insurance.

For example:
  • One group member has to cancel at the last minute because his uncle passed away. The cancellation fees are €800. Chapka will cover the refund while your credit card insurance won’t.

  • The whole group gets its luggage stolen during an excursion, Chapka will cover the refund while the credit card insurance will refuse outright.

  • A group member gets appendicitis in NYC, cost of the medical expenses: €35,000. Chapka will refund while the credit card insurance will only cover €11,000.

  • As the group manager, you must ensure that the group members are covered with a group travel insurance! This insurance policy is also suitable for school trips.

    The benefits

      Package Cancellation Insurance only :

    • Trip Cancellation Insurance: €6,000 per person, €30,000 per event

    • Package Assistance Insurance :

    • Repatriation-assistance 24/7: real costs
    • Medical transport all over the world in real costs
    • Transport back to your residence in real costs
    • Overseas medical expenses up to €75,000  in Europe and €150,000 in the rest of the world
    • Return ticket + hotel for a relative in case of hospitalisation overseas
    • Luggage insurance for loss, theft or damage: €1,000
    • Overseas civil liability: physical injury, and material damage €4,500,000 food poisoning €1,500,000
    • Death and disability benefit: €4,500
    • Advance on bail: €15,000
    • Legal assistance: €3,500
    • Early termination of the journey: €3,000 max

    • Package Multirisk (Assistance and Cancellation Insurance) :

    • All the benefits below

    • Benefit Extensions (supplement) :

      Cancellation for attacks or ban

    • Schools, language study trips or associations: for attacks occured within 30 days before the trip and near your destination (less than 100 km, 62 miles aprox)
    • Schools and language study trips: in case of banning from an official authority

    • Pricing maintenance (only as a supplement to the Multirisk package):

    • Fuel surcharge €100
    • Increase in airport and port charges: €2,000

    • Impossible Departure/Return (only as a supplement to the Multirisk package):

    • Departure: 20% of the global trip amount
    • Return: €80 per hotel night, 4 nights max~

    The pricing

    Premium rate Minimum premium
    per person
    Only Cancellation 1.80 % 6 €
    Assistance and Insurance 1.50 % 6 €
    Multirisks 2.50 % 6 €

    (% or €/person)
    Minimum premium
    per person
    Cancellation for Attacks/Ban 0.80 % 3 €
    Pricing maintenance 17.00 € -
    Impossible Departure / Return 6.00 € -

    The subscribing conditions

    • You must subscribe to The Cap Group travel insurance when you purchase your trip or when you pay the first deposit (to the airline or a hotel for example)

    • Maximum length of stay: 90 days
    • The insured must be residents of Europe for tax purposes
    • There is not age limit to subscribe
    • The insurance covers the insured all over the world


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