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€ 35
per month

Cap Volunteering

Travel Insurance for Volunteers Abroad

Your are going abroad as part of a humanitarian mission or as a volunteer with a company or administration ("VIE" / "VIA"). You, or your association, are looking for protection because you are no longer covered by your current medical insurance.

This volunteer insurance was created to cover volunteers in case of sudden illness or accident without limitation ceiling and from the 1st euro.

Cap Volunteering provides you with a complete package essential to your safety: 7/7 and 24/24 repatriation assistance, luggage cover, liability abroad, and many others benefits as early return in case of death or hospitalization of a family member during your stay...

You will be covered during your missions, but also as a tourist if you want to enjoy your trip to discover the country and surroundings.

Good News : for your medical expense refund, under €500, you can scan the invoices and send the documents by email !


  • Repatriation-assistance 24/24: Real costs
  • Unlimited overseas medical expenses from the 1st Euro, no excess: direct 100% refund without resorting to social security.
  • Emergency dental expenses: €500
  • Luggage loss, theft or damage insurance: €2,000
  • Search and rescue expenses: €5,000
  • Presence during hospitalization : Round Trip ticket for a relative
  • Early return in case of the death of a family member : Roundtrip Ticket
  • Overseas civil liability: €4,000,000
  • Death benefit: €10,000
  • Accident benefit: €40,000
  • Advance on bail : up to €7,500
  • Coverage of legal fees while abroad: €3,000~


  • Zone 1: Europe (You have te be European Health Insurance Card holder and study in Europe)
  • Zone 2: Worldwide, except zone 3
  • Zone 3: USA - Canada - Singapour - Hong Kong - Japan - Switzerland - Bahamas

Under 35 years old : See the pricing
Length of the stay Zone 1Zone 2 Zone 3
1 month€ 35€ 42€ 62
2 months€ 66€ 80€ 116
3 months€ 96€ 118€ 170
4 months€ 128€ 156€ 227
5 months€ 158€ 192€ 280
6 months€ 189€ 228€ 345
7 months€ 218€ 264€ 398
8 months€ 248€ 299€ 452
9 months€ 270€ 334€ 504
10 months€ 307€ 372€ 558
11 months€ 337€ 408€ 612
12 months€ 366€ 442€ 666

From 36 to 49 years old : See the pricing

From 50 to 65 years old : See the pricing

Booking conditions

  • You must be able to justify a volunteer project (contract or certificate)
  • You must be between 18 and 65
  • You cannot hold the nationality of the country you are travelling to
  • Be a resident of France (Metropolitain France, Corsica, French overseas departments and territories) or any of the 27 European Union countries (Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, Norway included)
  • You must subscribe your insurance before departure. You can get this insurance if you are already abroad but please check this important information

  • You are not covered in countries at war
  • The civil liability insurance covers accidents occurring during your private life but not those related to professional activity nor while driving a motorised vehicle (see the policy generals terms and conditions)

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