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€ 86
per month

Cap Tempo France

The essential insurance for travellers returning to France for good

You are about to return to France (your usual place of residence) after a long trip (round the world, Working Holiday Visa,…). While you were away, you no longer had any contact with the French health system.

You should know that unless you start working or studying as soon as you come back, you will not be covered by social security for a period of at least 3 months.

You are therefore looking for a solution to cover you in case something goes wrong (health expenses in France in case of an accident or sudden and unforeseeable illness).

Cap Tempo France is a policy especially designed for those waiting for their social security benefits to kick back in.

It will cover expenses resulting from an accident, illness or essential emergency treatment. But beware, the following will not be covered: comfort medicine (contraception, routine check-up,…), pre-existing conditions (see the exclusions in the terms and conditions).

It is best to subscribe as soon as possible, preferably before your return!


    Medical and hospitalisation expenses up to €300,000 including:

  • General practitioner consultation : up to €35 per consultation
  • Specialist consultation : up to €75 per consultation
  • Pathology tests (blood test,…) : 100% of real costs
  • Medical imaging (x-ray,…) : 100% of real costs
  • Class 1 and class 2 medication (public health classification) : 100% of real costs
  • Hospitalisation and hospital consultation : 100% of real costs
  • Ambulance : 100% of real costs
  • Private room : up to €100 per day
  • Emergency dental expenses : up to €500per policy

  • BEWARE: Only the expenses incurred following an accident of a sudden illness will be covered


Duration/age 18-30 yr. old 31-40 yr. old 41-50 yr. old
3 months€258 €301 €354
4 months€343 €401 €471
5 months€429 €501 €589
6 months€514 €601 €706
7 months€600 €701 €824
8 months€685 €801 €941
9 months€771 €901 €1 059
10 months€856 €1 001 €1 176
11 months€942 €1 101 €1 294
12 months€1 027 €1 201 €1 411

Booking conditions

  • Your usual residential address must be in France
  • You must have a French Social Security number
  • You commit to undertake the necessary procedure to re-enrol with the compulsory social security scheme as soon as you return
  • You must be between 18 and 50 years of age
  • You can subscribe for a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 12 months

  • NB: We recommend you subscribe the policy prior to your return to France to avoid being subjected to a waiting period.

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