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Cap Vital Expat

The Expatriate Health Insurance for Workers and Entrepreneurs Living Overseas

You have made your decision: you are going to work/create your business overseas. You are going there on your own, as a couple or with your family. One of the things that needs to be sorted before you leave is the question of social security and private expat health insurance which do not cover you while overseas. You must therefore subscribe to an adequate policy.

Cap Vital Expat is a temporary expatriate insurance targeted at Europeans who go and work overseas.

This expat insurance will cover your medical expenses, hospitalisation expenses, repatriation assistance in case of an accident or sudden and unforeseen illness while working or during your leisure time. For example:

  • You are hospitalised for 15 days following a serious car accident: Cap Vital Expat takes care of 100% of the hospitalisation costs, no excess and without resorting to social security.
  • You have the flu, you go and see the doctor of your choice and Chapka will refund 100% of the doctor’s fees and prescription medicine.

    You will also be covered with civil liability “private life” (replacing the one included in your home insurance). Finally, you will also benefit from luggage theft cover during the plane journey and from accident benefit during your stay.
    Whatever your professional occupation, Cap Vital Expat is an ideal alternative in regards to price and the level of benefits (unlimited medical expenses with no excess) to allow you to be covered for up to 12 months maximum and confidently start your working life overseas.

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    The benefits

    • Repatriation-assistance 24/24: Real costs
    • Unlimited overseas medical expenses from the 1st Euro, no excess: direct 100% refund without resorting to social security. More information about the medical expenses cover
    • Emergency dental expenses: €500
    • Luggage loss, theft or damage insurance: €2,000
    • Search and rescue expenses: €5,000
    • Presence during hospitalization : Round Trip ticket for a relative
    • Early return in case of the death of a family member : Roundtrip Ticket
    • Overseas civil liability: €4,000,000
    • Death benefit: €10,000
    • Accident benefit: €40,000
    • Advance on bail up to €7,500
    • Coverage of legal fees while abroad: €3,000

    The pricing

    • Zone 1: Europe (You have te be European Health Insurance Card holder and study in Europe)
    • Zone 2: Worldwide, except zone 3
    • Zone 3: USA - Canada - Singapour - Hong Kong - Japan - Switzerland - Bahamas

    Under 35 years old : See the pricing
    Length of the stay Zone 1Zone 2 Zone 3
    3 months€175 €216 €304
    4 months€233 €284 €405
    5 months€289 €350 €499
    6 months€344 €416 €616
    7 months €398 €484 €712
    8 months €453 €550 €808
    9 months €506 €616 €901
    10 months€561 €684 €999
    11 months€616 €750 €1094
    12 months€670 €815 €1190

    From 36 to 49 years old : see the pricing

    From 50 to 65 Years Old : See the Pricing

    The subscribing conditions

    • Between 1 and 65 years old
    • Be a resident of any of the European Union countries or Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, Norway.
    • You cannot take this insurance If you hold the nationality of the country you are expatriating to.
    • This contract is accepted for visa 457 holders in Australia (Sponsorship Visa)
    • You must take this insurance before your departure (for the rest of cases : please contact us).

    • Attention :

    • Countries suffering a civil war are not covered.
    • The civil liability benefit only covers accidents occurring during your private life but not those related to your professional activity nor while driving a motorised vehicle (please refer to the generals terms and conditions).
    • If you have to travel for work, please refer to Cap Business Trip insurance.

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