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Cap Working Holiday

The Working Holiday Visa Insurance

You have just been granted your Working Holiday Visa for Australia, Canada, Japan, New-Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, Hong-Kong or South Korea. You are now looking for a health insurance that will cover you in the event of a sudden and unforeseeable accident or illness.

With Cap Working Holiday you will benefit from a complete medical insurance (medical expenses and unlimited hospitalisation refunded from the first Euro and with no excess), repatriation assistance 24/7, and important benefits in the event of an incident overseas (luggage insurance, legal assistance, civil liability).

Cap Working Holiday covers you for accidents which occur while working under a working contract and/or woofing, while practising high-risk sports like scuba diving or surfing (except aerial sports – see exclusions) and while on holidays.

The policy covers you everywhere in the world, within the dates of validity of your Working Holiday Visa.

Important: You are extending your stay and want to extend your health cover ? Subscribe to a new working holiday insurance on our website, ensuring that the dates of both covers flow on. You will receive your new policy by email.

Improvement to our Cap Working Holiday. From now on, a daily allowance and return ticket in case of an early return are included.


  • Repatriation assistance 24/7: Real costs
  • Medical expenses and unlimited hospitalisation with no excess More information about the medical expenses
  • Psychological assistance
  • Emergency dental care : €500
  • Luggage insurance: €2,000 during transport and for the duration of your trip in case of theft (breaking and entering or assault) More information about the luggage cover
  • Search and rescue expenses: €5,000
  • Early return of the insured: Round Trip ticket
  • Round Trip ticket and expenses for the stay of a close relative
  • Civil liability overseas, Physical injury: €4,000,000, Material damage: €450,000
  • Cash advance: €500
  • Legal assistance: €3,000
  • Death benefit €10,000 or disability benefit €50,000
  • you will receive a €50 daily allowance if you are in hospital

  • You are also covered :

  • In your WHV country, whether you are working or travelling.
  • Outside your WHV country, only as a tourist and for 90 days max.


Stay Duration Premium per person (tax inclusive)
3 months €120
4 months €158
5 months €196
6 months €236
7 months €274
8 months €312
9 months €348
10 months €382
11 months €412
12 months €432

18 months €624
24 months €796

Booking conditions

  • You must hold a Working Holiday Visa (in Australia #417 or 408462), a Bridging Visa. In case of an accident, the insurance company may ask for a written proof.

  • Place of residence must be one of the following countries : France, Corsica, European Union countries, Switzerland, Norway, French overseas Department and Territories or principalities of Andorra and Monaco

  • You cannot hold the nationality of the country you are travelling to

  • You can subscribe to the policy for a period of 3 to 12 months. You can renew your policy while overseas (To renew your insurance less than 3 months, please contact our customer service))

  • You must subscribe your insurance before departure. You can get this insurance if you are already abroad but please check this important information

  • Caution : For each medical consultation, you must ask the doctor to fill out the medical questionnaire (supplied upon subscription)