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€ 120
per year

Cap Business Trip

The insurance for your employees while away on business overseas

Your employees’ business trips in France and overseas increase the risks for your company. A hospitalisation overseas, a repatriation to the place of residence constitute important financial risks, not to mention the risk for your company’s image.

As a company director and employer, you are legally responsible for the safely of your employees. Should one of them have an accident at work, you will be asked for worker’s compensation, no fault on your part will even need to be proven.

Collective agreements require strong additional benefits and your insurance policy does not cover this kind of expenses.

An employee who is well insured when away on business all over the world is a valued collaborator.

Cap Business Trip covers 100% of medical expenses and assistance. These are strong accident benefits.

It involves no management on the company’s part and the cover is valid for all the employees, even an intern, even on a workshop, even in France.

The benefits

  • Refund of the fees associated with the cancellation or changes to the assignment, up to €5,000
  • Assistance and insurance 24 hours a day 7 days a week, for all your business trips anywhere in the world.
  • Unlimited overseas medical expenses and instant care in case of hospitalisation.
  • Emergency medical transportation and repatriation to the country of residence
  • Repatriation for safety reason in case of political or social unrest, terrorist attacks or natural disasters
  • Accidental death and disability benefit up to €100,000 or €200,000 (depending on the chosen option)
  • Kidnapping and hostage holding: refund of the kidnapped insured person’s wages up to €250,000
  • Luggage insurance on case of loss, theft or damage up to €5,000
  • Loss or theft of bank/credit cards and identification documents up to €3,000
  • Compensation in case of a plane late arrival: up to €300
  • Civil liability: €7,500,000 ~

The pricing

Our prices depend on :

  • the number of people ;
  • the compesation for death and accident that you choose ;
  • the position

Get a quote and subscribe online.

NB : some countries and positions required a personalised quote : please contact our team.

The subscribing conditions

  • Any company whose registered office is located in France
  • All the following people working in the subscribing company will be covered: employees, interns, social workers, administrators and managers.

  • However, please note that the following people will not be insured:

    Employees having the “expatriate” or “temporary secondment” status
    Employees who are not affiliated or covered by social security or any other private health insurance.

    The policy benefits apply all over the world.

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