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12 €

Cap Vacation Rental

The worldwide holiday rental insurance

You found your perfect week-end or holiday rental (via Airbnb, Booking or HomeAway) ?

That’s the first step to a great stay !

So that you don’t have to worry about anything, we thought about everything !

Imagine you have to cancel your reservation for any external or out of your control event (you have an accident and cannot longer travel, a close-one passed away …), we protect the amount of money you already paid for the rental.

Our policy also covers you if you cause any damages to your rental (water damage or fire for example).

If you own a rental property: think about promoting this policy to your seasonal tenants. It will help settle conflicts that may occur at the end of the holiday rental.

The Cap Vacation Rental also offers you other benefits:


  • “Any reason” cancellation insurance: covers you before your departure for any sudden, external, unforeseen, justified or out of your control event, stopping you from getting to the rental property.
  • Early termination of the trip: covers you if you have to cut your trip short following a medical repatriation organized by an insurance company.
  • Holiday Civil Liability benefit: up to € 1 525 000 covers you for any physical injury or property damage, but also up to € 2 500 should you damage any small furniture belonging to the owner’s rental.
  • “Anti-surprise” benefit: covers you in case of non-conformity of the rental property. We will refund you the amount kept by the owner’s rental.


    The insurance premium is calculated on the tax inclusive rental price

Per rental 3% tax inclusive
Minimum premium for the rental property€12

Booking conditions

  • You must get your insurance at the same time that you book your trip or within 48 hours later.
  • A rental agreement will have to be drawn up between the landlord and the tenant and will come into effect when the deposit is paid.
  • The cover maximum duration is 90 days
  • Maximum rental amount: €10,000
  • Maximum number of people per rental: 9 people