(excluding DROM-TOM, the Canary Islands, the Azores, and the Asian part of Russia)


Albania (AL)

Germany (DE)

Andorra (AD)

England (see United Kingdom)

Austria (AT)

Balearic Islands (XA)

Belgium (BE)

Belarus (BY)

Bosnia-Herzegovina (BA)

Bulgaria (BG)

Cyprus (CY)

Croatia (HR)

Denmark (except Greenland) (DK)

Scotland (see United Kingdom)

Mainland Spain (ES)

Estonia (EE)

Finland (FI)

Metropolitan France (FR)

Georgia (GE)

Gibraltar (GR)

Greece (GR)

Hungary (HU)

Ireland (IE)

Israel (IL)

Italy (IT)

Jordan (JO)

Latvia (LV)

Liechtenstein (LI)

Lithuania (LT)

Luxembourg (LU)

Macedonia (MK)

Madeira (XC)

Malta (MT)

Morocco (MA)

Moldova (MD)

Monaco (MC)

Montenegro (ME)

Norway (NO)

Netherlands (NL)

Poland (PL)

Portugal mainland (PT)

Czech Republic (CZ) - (see also Czech Republic)

Romania (RO)

United Kingdom (GB)

Russia, Federation (European part, up to and including the Urals) (UK)

San Marino (SM)

Serbia (RS)

Slovakia (SK)

Slovenia (SI)

Sweden (SE)

Czech Republic, Czech Republic (CZ)

Palestinian Territories (PS)

Tunisia (TN)

Turkey (TR)

Ukraine (UA)

Vatican City State (Holy See) (VA)

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Internships, Au Pair & studies abroad

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