online renewal of a Cap Working Holiday insurance

Cap Working Holiday: How to renew my policy?

A good question you are probably asking yourself… Indeed, sometimes, the time of your first policy is up and you still don’t feel like coming home!

We understand, this is why we have decided to make things simple: No need for a code to access an unnecessary personal portal, you don’t even need your old policy number, we know you‘ve already forgotten it!

All you need to do is subscribe online the same way you did with your first policy.

Go to the Cap Working Holiday presentation page, read through the benefits again, just to refresh your memory with what is covered and subscribe a new policy.

Everything is done online, the payment is made by credit card (it’s a secure payment of course) and you will receive your new policy by email as well as your digital assistance card.

When you take out the new subscription, the departure date must be the day after the end date of the first policy. Translation: if your policy ends on January 10, the new policy must start on January 11 (not on the 12th or on the 13th…)

And because we’re nice, we send you an email a few days before your policy is due to expire, so you don’t forget and have adequate cover while you travel.

renew your cap working holiday insurance

For more information: Contact one of our consultant on  +33 1 74 85 50 50 or email us by filling out the information form.