Trip’N’Job: Chapka Assurances helps you find a job in Australia

Chapka Assurances accompanies you when you travel to Australia on a working holiday visa through the Cap Working Holiday… but not only!

We are proud to announce the launch of Trip’N'Job: the website to find a job in Australia!

Whether you are looking for a job as a waiter in Brisbane, as a French teacher in Sydney or Perth or interested in fruit picking near Adelaide, Trip’N’Job gives you access to the comments of other WHV holders on the job as well as the employer’s contact details.

All jobs in Australia are geolocalized on a map to for easy reference: More than 100 jobs have already been tested by Job Trippers. There are jobs to suit everyone: Kangaroo hair weaver (oops, this one does not exist!), Camel driver (yes, this one is real), Jack of all trades in Queensland, Tree top adventure park operator in Sydney… 


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