choose a student insurance for a Erasmus trip

Which insurance should I get for my Erasmus trip?

Erasmus means travel, discovery, exchange, the dream of multicultural flatting for a year, encounters, wild parties, studious learning. Well, an extraordinary experience that you are completely right for undertaking. However, there is something that should be considered before you go… Here is the situation:

  • It is 9 in the morning, you struggle to wake up in front your bowl of coco pops… your mother is in the room, bright and chirpy, and she says: “did you call social security and the insurance company?”
  • No answer, too bad, she goes on to say
  • “You are leaving in 2 weeks, I’ve already told you ten times, and you see, it’s always the same, you want to be an adult, but only when it suits you”

We have therefore found a simple solution for you as everything is done online and you receive all the documents instantly be email. As an Erasmus student, you will still be covered by the student social security overseas, but beware, you must go through the procedure to get the European Health Insurance card. With this card, your medical expenses will be taken care of by social security in accordance with the country health benefit schedule.

Beware: the European health insurance card is not enough to cover your medical expenses overseas.

For example, if you pay €60 for a medical consultation in Germany, you will get a refund as per the applicable health benefit schedule, that is, €15.

It is therefore essential you subscribe a supplementary health insurance, as even though this a classic case, the bill will quickly get very high should you be hospitalised, even in Europe.

Some private health insurance companies will offer this type of policy, however, they also cap their refund in relation to the health benefit schedule or an obscure times factor.

What is covered by the student insurance overseas?

For more peace of mind, Chapka Assurances, specialist in overseas insurance for more than 10 years, offers you Cap Student. This policy will cover you as a complement to the European health insurance card, for 100% of real costs, with no excess.

For example: if you see a doctor in Italy and it costs you €45, social security will give you a €9 refund and Chapka will refund €36: the cost to you is €0!

  • Medical and hospitalisation expenses are unlimited, no waiting time (from the 1st Euro)
  • Repatriation assistance 24/7 in real costs
  • Civil liability overseas
  • Rental risk benefit
  • Luggage insurance
  • Early return, presence of a close relative in case of hospitalisation, accident benefit, cover in France if you come back for a holiday for less than 30 days…

Our policy starts at €29 per month, you subscribe online, pay by credit card and you will receive your documents instantly by email.

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For more information, do not hesitate to contact our consultants on +33 1 74 85 50 50 or by filling on this form.

You can also refer to thorough FAQs on our website to help choose your policy.