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Chapka travel Insurance

You are leaving Europe to start up a company overseas or to work? You’ve started looking for a solution to replace your private health insurance overseas? Here comes the disillusion: the prices are exorbitant and you cannot afford to spend a minimum of €3,000 per year to be covered?

We have created a tailor made solution for young expatriates: Cap Tempo Expat.

If you are in good health and not planning on starting a family overseas in the next 12 months, this is the solution to your needs.

Cap Tempo Expat: cheaper than an expatriate insurance Why? What’s the catch?

Cap Tempo Expat is not worse than another expatriate policy. It is a different solution which suits different expectations. With this policy, you are covered for what’s essential: medical expenses are covered from the first Euro, with no excess. But beware, the difference with an expatriate policy is that we only cover “sudden and unforeseeable illnesses as well as accidents”.

This means that if you are ill will a cold, a stomach bug, or the flu for example, we will cover you. If you have a car accident, we will cover your hospital expenses. But beware, we do not cover pre existing conditions - from before the time of subscription, (for example: diabetes, cholesterol), routine check-ups or tests, preventive medicine (for example contraception or vaccination). Pregnancy expenses are covered up to €10,000, at 75% cover (useful in case of unplanned pregnancy, but not sufficient to have a child in the USA!)

In concrete terms, we cover the essential, but we cover it very well ! And we pretty much are the only ones on the market to offer unlimited medical expenses.

Cap Tempo Expat: all the essential benefits

Besides medical expenses, you will be covered for many other benefits such as:

Cap Tempo Expat: it also but especially mean simplicity

For us, simplicity means saying no to renewal by tacit agreement, so no administrative nightmare trying to cancel your policy. You choose the length of your policy (12 months maximum), you subscribe online, you receive all the documents by email.

A few days before the end of your policy, we will send you a reminder which will allow you to renew online if necessary.

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