informations about the rental cival liability during a working holiday visa

Cap Working Holiday: all about rental civil liability

Rental Civil Liability and Working Holiday Visa

Rental civil liability: what is it? Why is it even more important when you are overseas? During your year on a Working Holiday Visa, you are likely to rent an apartment or go into share accommodation. Someone may also put you up for free.

What would happen if you were liable for damages caused to the premises? Do you think you are covered for that? Be aware that this insurance is the only one that covers that risk.

The others only cover Personal Civil Liability, but exclude any potential damage to your accommodation. So beware, this is a real risk, it only takes a slight act of negligence or carelessness on your part and the landlord can come after you and ask you for thousands of Euros. I tear the curtains, I unintentionally break a glass door, I cause some water damage… Even overseas, you are liable for damages caused to the accommodation you are in.

So be careful, we will cover up to €100,000 with a €80 excess. Please keep in mind that we only cover unintentional damages. Cap Working Holiday is the only insurance policy aimed at working holiday visa holders that covers rental civil liability! Therefore, choose to be safe!


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