informations about the yearly travel insurance that covers all yours trips

Is the yearly travel insurance the way to go?

Often, as you finalise the booking of your trip over the internet, doubt sets in… Here is the situation: You’re about to confirm the reservation for your romantic weekend away and then….

  • “Darling, should we take out the cancellation insurance?”
  • “Hummm… I don’t know”
  • “It’s another 50 Euros”
  • “Yeah, not cheap, we could go out for dinner with that!”
  • “Yes, but I‘ve hesitated, probably going to bring us bad luck now!”


So in the end, you click on it and you do not know what you have purchased

This leads to many discussions on online forums. You are not happy because you thought you were insured, when in actual fact, the reason for your cancellation is not covered and you are not getting a refund. The online travel agent argues you ticked that you had read the terms and conditions. Well, it’s a catch 22 situation and in the end, you always lose.

This is why we have designed a yearly travel insurance which covers all your travels (of less than 90 days) for an entire year. You will be covered during your family summer holiday, when you visit your in laws for three days or when you go skiing.

You are also covered if you book your trip at the last minute, just like when you went to London last weekend.

Doesn’t my credit card already offer that?

Well, no! We recommend you refer to our article: “to understand everything about your credit card insurance”. To make things easy, you do not have any cancellation insurance with a standard credit card.

If you are lucky enough to have a gold card, it is included, however, it’s top of the range when it comes to exclusions. Unless you die or are hospitalised, it will be tricky to get a refund…

We have also included, in our yearly policy, custom made benefits such as as cancellation due to “any justified reason”, trip cut short, inability to return (ex: volcanic eruption), death and disability benefit, snow insurance, legal assistance, repatriation assistance and medical expenses…

How much does the yearly travel insurance cost?

  • Single: €200
  • Couple: €360
  • Family: €500

And yet, a premium credit card costs between 100 and 140 Euros.

If you add a weekend away, a skiing holiday and a holiday in the sun, it costs you more than what we offer for lesser benefits.

  • For example, Arthur and his partner Maeva travelled quite a bit last year:
  • A one-week holiday package with Pierre et Vacances in May for €2,000. Price of the insurance: €73
  • A return flight to Lisbon for a weekend with Go Voyage, €300. Price of the insurance: €64
  • A two-week tour in the American West with Nouvelle Frontiere, €5,000. Price of the insurance: €130
  • A week skiing in December in Serre Chevalier with accommodation rental, €1,200. Price of the insurance: €145


  • Total amount paid for insurance: €412

Should they have gone with the new Chapka policy, they would have saved €52 (not including the cost of the premium credit card)

multiple travels insurance quote

For more information on the specific benefits, please do not hesitate to contact our consultants on +33 1 74 85 50 50 or by using this form.