Generation Working Holiday Visa web documentary poster

Generation Working Holiday Visa

Chapka Assurances is proud to present Generation Working Holiday, a web documentary which includes testimonials by 10 young French people who set out on an adventure to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan or Korea.

After the movie premiere at the Apero Voyageur organised by our partner Passeurs d’Aventures, the film Generation Working Holiday Visa is now available on You Tube!

All participants share the key moments of their trip with great sincerity. From the moment they thought of going to their return, including announcing it to their family, meeting people, as well as the difficult times on the other side of the planet.

Slices of life connect, cross each other’s path, the adventure made them grow, and they share their open outlook on the world that surrounds them. Happy viewing! and Bon Voyage to those who will take the plunge!


Do not hesitate to share your experience #generationwhv