the frequently asked questions section clearly explains each travel insurance

Insurance gives you a headache: not anymore, thanks to our FAQs.

Over the phone, you often tell us that you don’t understand the first thing about insurance and that it seems complicated.

You ask yourself a thousand questions and you always have a friend who says he’s been ripped off because he did not get a refund after cancelling a trip!

Well, you need advice and information. You’ve come to the right place: at Chapka, we like simple words and clear examples! So, instead of consulting the 1,000 page book “Travel insurance for dummies”, with an * at every second word and references to paragraph 22, line 15 in section 2, our team has compiled a FAQ section to answer very detailed questions.

We have translated the answers to all your questions to plain English!

We have even tested our answers on “guinea pigs” (normal people in fact!) who had never heard about travel insurance before, to ensure that they were clear to absolutely everyone! Well, the ball is in your court, you will finally know:


And plenty more… See more answers here !

If you cannot find the answer to your question, our consultants will be delighted to answer you on +33 1 74 85 50 50 or by filling out this quick contact form.

One of the answer does not seem clear? Please let us know, we won’t take it personally! Your feedback will help us provide even clearer and more detailed information.

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