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Covid-19 – Your main questions

Am I covered if I'm infected?             

Most insurance contracts exclude epidemic or pandemic diseases. Chapka negotiated that your medical fees remain covered.

If, and only if you subscribed before March 11th 2020, you will be insured if infected. 

If you are infected by the Covid-19, you are covered for your medical fees (from medical consultation, to hospitalization if needed). 

Although, please note that we will not cover your detection test if you are not infected. 

Am I covered if I’m quarantined?

No, your contract does not include the fees that might come for your quarantine (housing, meals, trip postponement or modification) 

Can I be repatriated to Europe? 

No, our contacts cover different cases of repatriation (if you are hospitalized, or if someone passes away at home for example), but not the need to come home from a pandemic disease.

Can I renew my contract?

Cap Working Holiday, Cap Student, Cap Volontariat, Cap Aventure

Yes, you can. But keep in mind that there shall not be any day without coverage between your old and your new contract.

Cap Assistance 24/24

If your contract does not cover you anymore, but you are facing the total impossibility to come back home, you will still be protected by your insurance.

If I subscribe now, am I covered if infected by the Covid-19?

No. Since March 11th 2020, as the disease is known worldwide, the insurers regard this situation as a well-known risk, making it non-insurable.

However, all our guarantees are still working (medical fees, except for Covid-19, cancellation, luggages, …) 

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