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Covid-19 – Your main questions

Updated June 2nd

Am I covered if I'm infected?             

Situation 1: I am currently covered by a Chapka policy

Yes, your medical and hospitalization fees will be covered if you get infected by Covid-19 while traveling.

Situation 2: I need to renew my policy

Yes, your contract covers you the same way when you renew. Keep in mind that there shall not be any day without coverage between your previous and your new policy.

Situation 3: I would like to subscribe now

Yes, Cap Vacation Rental, Cap Adventure, Cap Working Holiday, Cap Student, Cap Volunteering, Cap Tempo Expat or Cap Au Pair will cover you in case of medical fees related to Covid-19, if you are infected while traveling. 

Watch out, this is valid for the above-mentioned products only and exclusively if your destination(s) is not strictly forbidden or not recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country of origin, or by the W.H.O.

NB: any subscription when you are already traveling starts with a 12-days waiting period.


Does the cancellation benefit works if I cannot travel because of Covid-19?

No, as the situation is already happening when you subscribe.

As long as the crisis is still present, lockdowns are in place in Europe or at destination, trips are not possible or borders are not open, the Cancellation benefit cannot cover the impossibility to travel.

However, cancellation still works for usual causes: illness, change or cancellation of holiday by the employer…


Can I be repatriated to Europe? 

No, our contacts cover different cases of repatriation (if you are hospitalized, or if someone passes away at home for example), but not the need to come home from a pandemic disease.


Can I keep on traveling?

Traveling instructions are the same in almost every country right now: you must limit your trips.

If you need to travel, please make sure not to break any local regulation, you could expose yourself to a denial of cover from the Insurer.


Am I covered if I’m quarantined?

No, your contract does not include the fees that might come for your quarantine (housing, meals, trip postponement or modification)


Updated June 2nd

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